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Rape Prevention Education Grants


Rape and sexual assault are prevalent crimes with lasting and damaging impacts on individuals and communities. Communities must be supported to address and prevent these crimes.

  • 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men in the U.S. have experienced an attempted or completed rape.
  • Rape survivors are 13 times more likely to attempt suicide than non-crime victims, and 6 times more likely than victims of other crimes.
  • Annual victim costs for rape are estimated at $127 billion, followed by $93 billion per year for assault, and $56 billion per year in child abuse.
  • Parents and students alike want school-based primary prevention programs to teach students how to avoid sexually violent behavior and information on what to do if a friend or family member is sexually assaulted.
  • A 2010 survey by the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence of 644 rape crisis centers indicated that 66% have had to reduce prevention education and public awareness efforts because of funding losses.

The Solution: The Rape Prevention Education Grant Program (RPE)

RPE formula grants, administered by the CDC, provide crucial funding to states and territories to support rape prevention and education programs conducted by rape crisis centers, state sexual assault coalitions, and other public and private nonprofit entities. The RPE program prepares everyday people to become heroes, getting involved in the fight against sexual violence by:

  • Engaging boys and men as partners
  • Supporting multidisciplinary research collaborations
  • Fostering cross-cultural approaches to prevention
  • Promoting healthy, non-violent social norms, attitudes, beliefs, policies, and practices
  • Funding the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) to provide information, materials, research data and resources regarding sexual violence to policy-makers, government agencies, college campuses, sexual assault and domestic violence coalitions, local programs, the media and the public.

In 2008-2009, RPE grants enabled prevention educators and their partners to reach approximately 16 million community members including 168,483 professionals; 2,185,350 youth in school- and community-based educational sessions; and 319,685 hotline callers. The 2010 National Prevention Needs Assessment found that RPE funds equip prevention education staff with greater capacities and skills to design, deliver, and evaluate prevention programs (NSVRC, 2010).

“Students have opened up to teachers and counselors about situations they may not have had the courage to bring up prior to [RPE] programs.” -- Guidance Counselor, PA

Full funding for the Rape Prevention and Education grant program at $80 million is crucial to support ongoing efforts to address and stop rape and sexual violence in our country. For more information, contact Monika Johnson Hostler, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, monika@nccasa.org or (919) 871-1015